How to Style your Toddlers Curls in 4 Easy Steps!

As a mom you already know how tough it is to get your hair done. These days it’s just easier to wrap it in a bun and call it a day. But then having to worry about how to deal with your toddlers hair. Sometimes it’s an impossible task to accomplish, ya know what I mean?! The moment you want them to do something and they want to do the complete opposite! I am no expert but I am figuring it out day by day. This tip by far has been the best one yet and has helped me with my baby girl.

Step 1: Sit your child down and have them watch their favorite show on YouTube. My littles favorite show is  baby signing time. It works every time!

Step 2: Use a spray bottle to mist the hair but be sure not to damp it. You want to spray just enough to bring those curls back to life. DSC_9163

Step 3: Use a small amount of Dove Daily Moisture Conditioner  to spread all over the hair. Root to ends and then comb through and just there you’ll notice the difference of how soft it really is and you’re not pulling your littles hair when combing. DSC_9153DSC_9164DSC_9167


Step 4: Comb your fingers through the hair repeatedly until you achieve the curl you want on the hair. DSC_9184

Now just put a super cute outfit on and if you have a girl like me clip on a bow and BAM! your curly haired cutie is ready to go in less than 5 min ❤



Outfit is from



That is all it takes mamas! I hope you found this very helpful and let me know how it turned out for you! What are some of your favorite hairstyles to do on your littles?


xoxo, Jomy!

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