Cloudy Days


As Disney Passholders we look forward to the slow season and aside from those slow days we look forward to cloudy forecast. Yeah, the ones that say 10% chance of rain and then it really doesn’t rain at all, those days. For some reason people don’t like rain or the sun being away but this mama lives for days like these.

My husband opened up the Disney App and just as we guessed there was a FastPass for literally every ride in Magic Kingdom. Even Peter Pan, which is hard to come by so we hopped on it. This was a super last minute Sunday trip because we originally wanted to stay home due to the epidemic of the flu going around. We just couldn’t keep our girl from her favorite place even if it was for a couple of hours.

This became our favorite Disney day to date. It was absolute perfect weather. No sun, cloudy, and such a nice cool breeze. We had the best time watching her have fun and  dancing with her along to ‘Mickey’s Royal Friendship Faire’. These are the memories I will always love looking back on time to time again.

So, mama’s, don’t be afraid of a cloudy day. It could turn out being the best time your family has had! Be in the moment or capture every moment you can. Life is about having fun. Go out there and do it! What are some of your favorite activities to do on a cloudy day? Do any locals like to do the same?

xoxo, Jomy!

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